Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 51: The Bee Fly..

Hello again audience, I cant believe today's picture this little guy lives at the end of my garden he is always there and I actually think that he or his ancestors have been there before in other years. He finally took a rest on the grass and I was ready with my camera out of about 8 pictures this is the only one and I think it was so amazing. Because my camera has trouble taking close up pictures but this picture I am really proud of :P I will give some facts about these little guys in the random facts section because I am fascinated by these little guys. 

Today has been another amazing day in England and I have spent the whole day in the garden and the water fights have started.  Soon I will be jetting off to cold Sweden haha :) but I should be able to get some good pictures and be with my beautiful partner which I can not wait for  :)Thank you for reading today, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as I am and I hope to see you again tomorrow!

Now  some random facts! 
Bombyliidae is a large family of flies with hundreds of genera, although their life cycles are not well known. Adults generally feed on nectar and pollen, thus are pollinators of flowers. They superficially resemble bees, thus are commonly called bee flies, and this may offer the adults some protection from predators.
The larval stages are predators or parasitoids of other insect eggs and larvae. The adult females usually deposit eggs in the vicinity of possible hosts, quite often in the burrows of beetles or wasps/solitary bees. Where most often in the insect world parasitoids are highly specific in the host species that they will infect, some bombyliids are opportunistic and will use a variety of hosts.
While bombyliids have a great variety of species, rarely are individuals of any one species abundant, and this is perhaps one of the poorest known families of insects relative to its size. There are at least 4,500 described species, and probably thousands as of yet undescribed.

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  1. Crystal Metzler11 April 2011 at 01:47

    look at the sword on that thing! that's a really cool picture, and it is pretty interesting to learn about it! i have never heard of one of those before. i have to say the word "host" is a bit scary though! lol