Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day 45: A Walk In the forest on Mothers day!

Hello again audience, first of all I have to apologise for the lack in blogging for the last few days, I have been very busy the last week and along with an illness it did not help. But today I am feeling better and I have nothing on my plate. Today is mothers day and I want to wish all the mums around the world a Happy mothers day! and I hope you have as good a day as I have with my mum!

Since I have been home the dogs have been getting alot of attention from me and my camera so i thought it would be a good idea to use them. I have some beautiful pictures and i hope they come out well. I have some in action jumps which took all of my family to set up. I was lying down on the bank of the river as my brother and sister sat with the dogs and then my mum called the dogs with treats and they were off and you can see the result :)

The brown dog is called Ruby named after the song Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby :P. Today and yesterday have been some of the best days in a long time. Yesterday i had a relaxing train journey home, an early mothers day meal which was amazing and then a Movie with my father "Limitless" which was an amazing Movie! I would recommend it :) 

Today we made mothers day breakfast, tea and gave her gifts. Then we went for a walk in the forest and I couldn't miss this opportunity to take some pictures. I think I have some really nice ones which you will be seeing in the up coming weeks :P    

I think I have done enough talking for today :) I hope you are all enjoying your lazy Sunday Thank you for reading today's blog! anI hope to see you again tomorrow!

Now some random facts!

The Broxbourne wood: All of the woods are ancient, although recent research suggests                                                                                  the area was Roman (or pre-Roman)agricultural land that was abandoned then re-colonised by trees.

The area's animal life includes badgers, weasels, grass snakes and Muntjac deer; and the woods are also home to woodpeckers, woodcock, tree creepers, hawfinches, buzzards and sparrowhawks. Twenty-seven species of butterfly have been recorded at the site, including grizzled skippers, white admirals and purple hairstreaks.




  2. Crystal Metzler5 April 2011 at 02:23

    wow! those are some interesting animals and insects, i am going to have to look some of them up! Glad you are feeling better! and those dogs are soooo DANG adorable! :) and the pics are awesome! especially the action shots! hard work totally worth it! :) Glad you had a great mothers day too! ours isn't till may 8th! :) but breakfast sounds good. hope you enjoy the rest of your time at home!