Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 8: What a week in pictures!

 Well what a week it has been..for me it seems to have been a bit up and down... Once again i forgot to get my camera from my mates room so you are again stuck with pictures from my IPhone SORRY! so i will make up for it with quantity! I would like to say thank you for everyone who has been visiting my blog and I have been having very positive feedback! so I will continue and do my best to bring you as many pictures as I can! I think i should mention some of the stats my blog has been getting! 278 Views in total! UK:147 Sweden:47 US:24 Russia:11 Belgium:4 India:2 Netherlands:2 and 1 from Estonia.

I want to thank Tommy my very first follower and for his positive comments on the blog! Today's photos are from the Trafford centre a very beautiful shopping centre with a mix of cultures into one building and i think is very beautiful. I was there very early for my interview today. So it was almost silent you will never see this place this quiet EVER! My hopes for the interview were very high and a job would bring so many benefit for me as money is very tight ATM and would help me and my partner start our life together this summer! But as of yet i have heard no reply and i was told if i don't hear anything i shouldn't have very high hopes of getting the job! But as a sad and disappointed man once said what's not meant to be is not to be! Thanks once again for reading my blog and i hope you enjoy the up coming days.

Now some random facts!(from wiki)

The Trafford Centre is a large indoor shopping centre and leisure complex located in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester.
The planning process for the Trafford Centre was one of the longest and most expansive in the history of the United Kingdom with concerns surrounding the effect the shopping centre would have on retailers in smaller towns and villages in the Greater Manchester conurbation and also traffic problems being so close to the M60 motorway.

Twelve years after the Trafford Centre was first conceptualised by developers the Peel Group, the shopping centre opened in September 1998. Construction took 27 months and cost approximately £600 million. The Trafford Centre is popularly known for its vivid and quirky resemblance to rococo/late baroque architectural style. The centre is the sixth largest shopping centre in the UK by retail size and overall employs 8,000 people. Furthermore the centre attracts 30 million visits annually while 10 percent of the UK population live within a 45-minute drive of the shopping centre. It also boasts Europe's largest food court in The Orient and the UK's busiest cinema, attracting over 28,500 visitors each week.


  1. That is the coolest, and arcitecturally (pretty sure i spelled that wrong) beautiful mall i have ever seen! i wish we had a mall like that here! You are so lucky you get to visit buildings and places like this! i pray you get your job you want! And i feel lucky enough to get to see these places through your photos! :) love the photo blog and history!

  2. I just love the trafford centre :D Tho i prefare the arndale for shopping :D Gr8 pictures!

  3. Trafford! <3 Amazing pics, you're really good! :D

  4. Thanks you lot! I do my best with the IPhone! I have got my camera in my hands now so hopefully tomorrow be better! Crystal you can always travel here! but I am glad I can let you see new things that you don't normally see!