Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 71: Water under the bridge..

Hello again audience, today was a strange day, quite a bit emotional but all is good in the end. I have been watching an amazing series which me and my partner have just finished and it was amazing... it actually had an end.. not one of those bad cliff hangers... it tied up all the loose ends... it was so amazing i have never been so emotionally attached to a series, and i even got emotional towards the end...which is hard for me to do.. If you have not seen it I would strongly recommend it but you have to watch it from start to finish..

Today's blog title is a very important concept in life... for those you you which do not understand this saying it is to forgive and forget something, like water under the bridge its gone and not coming back. If you do not know how to forgive your life will become so hard and self destructive as you will put so much emotional weight on your shoulders. Life is hard enough as it is let alone carrying the past along with you..

Thank you for reading today's blog, I hope you all enjoyed my more fulfilling blog post today, see you again tomorrow.


  1. this is a good blog as it is something i have been struggling with for quite some time now! i am a VERY forgiving person and completely believe that forgiveness is the best gift you can give and receive! except this one thing in my life i have forgiven everything! it's very hard to forgive this person as he has "taken my innocence" as a child (if you know what i mean) and is still a regular figure in my life sadly! i want to forgive so i can move on and let go of all that anger and rage, but how? how do you forgive someone for something like that? would this type of anger and rage even be gone is i did forgive? would it make me really feel any better? i feel like to someone like that i doubt he would even take it the way it should be, he would look at it like i am saying what he did is okay and that i am over it? not that i am looking for a magical answer on your blog? lol but my question i guess is, are there some things that shouldn't be forgiven? or does that defeat the purpose of forgiveness? i know it would be about me and the weight on my shoulders, but it is SO HARD to even think of giving someone such a great gift that already took so much from me? i dont know the answer, but i guess it will happen or it wont? i am always hoping god will give me the strength if it is necessary to do it, but for now i don't have it? :) sorry to leave such a gloomy comment. other than this one thing, i firmly believe in forgiveness!

  2. Crystal, this is a very hard question but I will give my opinion.. This is something that can not be forgiven..unless you feel that you can or that the person asks for forgiveness but until then I do not think you should give the person the gift of forgiveness as they clearly do not deserve it and instead the rage and hate should be the only thing you think about when you think of them.. As it has already been such a long time I don't think time will heal these wounds.. I hope this helps a little but I have no idea what sort of paint his could bring you.. I hope one day you can feel free from this as you are such a nice person it is the least you deserve.. Thanks for the very heart filled comment and I hope i could help even just the smallest amount.

  3. Crystal Metzler2 May 2011 at 07:03

    i agree with you! it would be different if this person were apologetic and sorry for what he has done, but he is not. and i feel that if i forgive him, it might cause me more anger and rage that i don't want! it has been quite a long time and i am not as angry as i once was because i feel that god works in ways i never could and he suffers from liver failure, kidney failure, diabetes, dialysis 3 days a week, and more. so i sadly get some "satisfaction" in knowing he does suffer in what life he has left? which is sorta sick but i will take what i can get! :) and if later i seem to regret not forgiving him, i guess that is something i will have to live with? you have helped me a lot in giving me your opinion, as i consider you to be a smart person! :) and a very caring one at that! i think i just need to not look too much into it and let it be! your right! he really doesn't deserve it and if he can't at least say sorry, then why should i torture myself with an apology? thank you William! you really did help me! :)

  4. I am glad I could help! and I know you will make the right decision..