Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 65: Quick update

 Hello again audience, I dont have time for a long blog today so I just wanted to post these pictures and leave you with a quick message. 

When you change your point of view things can always look different. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone is having a good Easter! Ill see you again tomorrow!

Now some random facts!

Visual perception is the ability to interpret information and surroundings from the effects of visible light reaching the eye. The resulting perception is also known as eyesight, sight, or vision (adjectival form: visual,optical, or ocular). The various physiological components involved in vision are referred to collectively as the visual system, and are the focus of much research in psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and molecular biology.

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  1. Crystal Metzler24 April 2011 at 08:06

    those are some sweet looking trees! makes me super excited to go camping! :) i hope you all are having a hoppy easter as well! :)