Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 57: Mile stone...

Hello again audience, today's picture is of what I think is a mile stone, but I am not quite sure. The saying a mile stone also has a different meaning, its a point in life in which a major event happens which shapes and changes your life. I have set myself many miles stones in life and I think my most recent one is one of the most important and life changing mile stone I have ever set for myself. I want to do well in University and I want for me and my partner to have a place of our own and be able to support ourselves. I know it is a long and hard mile to walk but this is my mile stone... in my life I have had so many, finish school ,finish secondary school,finish college, get a job... and so much more... In today's blog I want you to tell me... what is your past mile stones and what is your next mile stone and are you on your way to reaching it... Thank you for reading today'd blog and is hope you enjoyed it. Hope your weekend will be great and I will see you again tomorrow!

Now some random facts!

A milestone is one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road or boundary at intervals of one mile or occasionally, parts of a mile. They are typically located at the side of the road or in a median. They are alternatively known as mile markers, mileposts or mile posts (sometimes abbreviated MPs). Mileage is the distance along the road from a fixed commencement point.
Milestones are constructed to provide reference points along the road. This can be used to reassure travellers that the proper path is being followed, and to indicate either distance travelled or the remaining distance to a destination. Such references are also used to by maintenance engineers and emergency services to direct them to specific points where their presence is required. This term is sometimes used to denote a location on a road even if no physical sign is present. This is useful for accident reporting and other record keeping (e.g., "an accident occurred at the 13 mile mark" even if the road is only marked with a stone once every 10 miles).

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  1. Crystal Metzler16 April 2011 at 05:33

    wow anonymous, what are you 5 years old? does your mom know your using her computer? anyway, back to grown up talk, that milestone is pretty cool! our are just plane boring ones. but thanks to your facts i see now why the can be important to have! i never really set many milestone for myself? except to graduate high school. which i achieved! :) i set one that i WILL make it to Italy someday! and to of course have a happy marriage and a happy family! which i do have also. so i guess i am doing pretty good! lol but not very exciting! i know you will achieve your milestones! and set more once you reach those! :)