Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 35: Light at the end

Hello again audience,  I am sorry about the depressing blog just some times get in a bad place and I am sure you all understand and have had them moments, I am feeling a lot better, my problems have not been sorted but I changed my point of view and know it is for the better. Today's picture I was going to use as a sort of horror  picture as it has a very creepy look but then I looked at it and with the sun beaming in at the bottom of the door way I thought that it was the light at the end of my tunnel (stairs in this case :P). I hope all the English readers are enjoying the amazing weather we are having the mood is just so high at the moment and to all the rest of the world I hope your weather is good also! because to us English weather is everything :D I hope everyone has had an amazing week and that your weekend can only get better. Today's question I think should what are you looking forward too in the up coming year?! what is your light at the end of the tunnel for the next year. I have almost finished Uni and only a few weeks of exams then I am off for summer a very long one, I am looking forward to being with my partner in Easter and I just cant wait until she moves here this summer!  I cant wait to write my blog tomorrow I have not a clue what picture I am going to use I have so many now :)    
Now some random facts! 
Emotion is the complex psychophysiological experience of an individual's state of mind as interacting with biochemical (internal) and environmental (external) influences. In humans, emotion fundamentally involves "physiological arousal, expressive behaviors, and conscious experience." Emotion is associated with mood, temperament, personality and disposition, and motivation. Motivations direct and energize behavior, while emotions provide the affective component to motivation, positive or negative.


  1. I love you soooooooo much my beautiful babi <3 And i cant wait till easter and summer <3 Forever and always <3 xxxx

  2. Crystal Metzler24 March 2011 at 21:07

    That is a great picture! :) glad to hear your light is shinning brighter! I hope you ace all your tests and have a wonderful break! You have alot of great things to look forward to this year! :) i am looking forward to some sunny warm weather and our annual camping trip which is in July! I will post some pics of that on fb! A bunch of us get together and we all go every year and just get outta town, drink etc... Swim, relax, sit by the fire, some play soccer, some fish, some just enjoy the sounds of nature, and whatever! It gets bigger every year! Pretty soon we will have to rent a bus to haul everyone up! Its a good 4-6 days of pure adult fun! I think everyone should do it once a year! Then we have a family one with the kids! Both are fun and much needed! Can't wait!!!