Monday, 21 February 2011

Day 4: Caged Beauty

The first flowers of spring behind the cold rusty bars of protection. Time seems to be flying by seems not long ago I was wishing for Christmas now summer will be on its way and brings with it a whole new life for me. My long distance relationship will hopefully come to an end and we can begin our new life together. Spring is probably one of the most beauty times of the year rivalled only by  white winters. Not the best picture I know but one i wanted to use to show how the beauty of spring is amazing and worth protecting. 
Now some random facts :P  
Spring is one of the four temperate seasons, the transition period between winter and summer. Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and broadly to ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. The specific definition of the exact timing of "spring" varies according to local climate, cultures and customs. At the spring equinox, days are close to 12 hours long with day length increasing as the season progresses.


  1. Like your pictures William.

  2. I love you sooo much baby <3

  3. Thank you not much to take pictures of ATM but i do my best :P I love you too hunni :P

  4. Time does fly these days! I cant wait for the beauty spring brings! And the warmth of the summer! :) cant wait to start seeing flowers around here! Very nice picture.